Be a master of these compact 2 training programs. Weekday practical intensive class.

       CCTV Installation & Monitoring – AHD/IP

      NETWORK Installation – LAN, WAN, WLAN

      OFF-GRID SOLAR POWER Installation

Fees: GHS 500
20% Discount for early Registration 
Location: Mallam Adjacent ECG substation, Accra 
Ghana PostGPS: GS-0276-6986 
Tel: 0244433763

                Call to register, limited sits available.

CCTV Modules:

Cabling and Termination

Power supply and connectors

Different Types of Cameras

Selection of Camera

Night Vision Systems

DVR Configuration – Hikvision, Jovision, Provision, Dahua, etc

NVR Configuration – Hikvision, Jovision, Provision, Dahua, etc

Networking and IP Cameras

Remote Monitoring Through Phone and Internet

Safety Tips


This course provides an introduction to solar technologies.

Course content includes:

 An introduction to solar radiation, photovoltaic technologies and systems

An overview of system types and components

Site survey and analysis techniques and methods

Electricity basics

Study of the design and use of grid-tied and off-grid with battery back-up systems

Introduction to inverters, charge controllers, batteries and system components

Overview of electrical utility systems and requirements.


*Certificate of successful completion will be given.

*Softcopies of tutorials available.


Fees: GHS 500

Contact: 0244433763

Location: Mallam , AccraW

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