Dec 13th – 27th  February 2021


Fee GHS 700

This course teaches you about solar technologies that are used to capture the solar energy from the sun and how they can be implemented in homes, offices, schools, factories, and farms to lessen the soot, smog, acid rain, and mercury poisoning that plagues the earth as a result of burning fossil fuels. You will also learn about what barriers prevent more people from accessing and utilizing solar energy and what can be done to encourage the use of solar energy worldwide.

After completing this course you will be able to:

Identify the ways that solar energy can be used.

Define and describe Photovoltaic and Concentrated Solar Power systems.

Discuss how solar can be used in homes, businesses, factories, etc.

Identify the world leaders in solar power.

Explain what could happen if there isn’t a shift towards renewable energy.

Discuss barriers to solar energy.

Basic electronic and electrical components and equipment.

Basic electronic and electrical theory as applied to electricity

Installation configuration, quotation, work plans and administration.

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